On the dark path towards authoritarianism

The Trump administration has frozen regulations, announced its hope to defund essential departments and programs, and seems to be testing the waters in terms of how unconstitutional it can get as it consolidates power and ignores policymaking standards like interagency operational guidance, legal guidance, and review. The set of actions occurring now makes it clearContinue reading “On the dark path towards authoritarianism”

I’ve got the best new snake oil. Its just phenomenal folks.

Trump is a snake oil salesman. It’s not a new political strategy but it is surprising how well it works for him even after he openly reveals his tendency to flip-flop on slogans and values. One of the first glimpses we had into the nature of Trump as a slimy politician was a strange momentContinue reading “I’ve got the best new snake oil. Its just phenomenal folks.”

The responsibility of the media in Trumps US.

What better embodiment of Trump’s vast and seemingly pathological hypocrisy is there than his claim that the media (or any critical opposition) lies about him. Hypocrisy is a historically successful strategy for narcissistic demagogues but Trump has taken the false presentation of self to a new level as he projects his own dubious relationship withContinue reading “The responsibility of the media in Trumps US.”

The Alt-Right, American Nationalism, and the irony of self-illusion.

This text-altered classic comic image began circulating this week and while I agree with the intention of calling the “Alt-right” what they are, white supremacists or white nationalists,  I think the viral image is not what we need right now. I recognize the incredulously angered perspective from which this comes but I’m critical of theContinue reading “The Alt-Right, American Nationalism, and the irony of self-illusion.”