Leaving SF


The hundreds of hours of logistics and preparation over the last few months has lead me here, to a transition, a crossing of a new bridge. The span is not over the Golden Gate, but across the pacific and to the southern hemisphere. It’s also a journey to another season, expanding days of summer, which I recognize with gratitude as a symbol of the unique opportunity before me. San Francisco has been a fascinating home for 15 years. I can’t image having made any other choice than the one which brought me there and to all the experiences that augmented me over the years. I started a record label, performed live and djed at blissful locations, saw hundreds of performances across the musical spectrum at world class venues, went back to school for a BA in Philosophy, curated a record selection of breadth and depth for the beloved Green Apple Books & Music, made lasting friendships, and strengthened old ones. The universe smiled upon me with perfectly timed constellations of curiosity and now a partnership which itself is a deeply engaging new state of being. E and I take this journey together with a commitment to discovery, gratitude, and creative manifestation. Vertexpatriate existence begins now. Here we go!


Published by Scott Boutin

Music released under the monikers Blue Soul, Archetypewriter, and Metadub.

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