I just felt the earthquake that happened about 500 miles away near Christchurch on the south island. The building slowly wobbled for a long while, perhaps 30 seconds, and it took me a second to figure out that I wasn’t dizzy or queasy, but in fact the room was moving. It reminded me of when I first moved to San Francisco 15 years ago. I arrived a week before 9/11 and my first earthquake was a few weeks later. It felt symbolic of the dramatic shift the world was taking in those post 9/11 GWB days. Now, in a similar pattern, I’ve moved to a far off place a week before another US disaster and have quickly experienced the earth shaking itself furiously. I hope everyone will be ok, but I fear for the safety of so many.

Published by Scott Boutin

Music released under the monikers Blue Soul, Archetypewriter, and Metadub.

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